Pokémon Regions + Their Inspirations

Kanto - Celadon City inspired by Shinjuku, Japan

Johto - Mt. Silver inspired by Mount Fuji, Japan

Hoenn - Sootopolis City inspired by Iōjima, Japan

Sinnoh - Jubillife City inspired by Saporro City, Japan

Unova - Skyarrow Bridge inspired by Brooklyn Bridge, USA

Kalos - Lumiose inspired by Paris, France


A lot of people have messaged me about the 30 Day Challenge list. I hadn’t realized the link on my old post was down, so I’m reposting it now, as well as letting you all know for the next 8 weeks I’ll be posting every Monday with animated illustrations. Hopefully I can brighten up your otherwise dry work week Monday!

UPDATE: Sorry I fixed the list. There was bunch of dummy text in there. It’s all good now



It’s a site for students to travel cheap! This screenshot above is the price ranges for a flight from Columbus, Ohio to London, England one way trip for March. I set ot up as an example.

AS AN AVID TRAVELER, this price is actually quite amazing! One year, i got my (formerly $2000) round about ticket to Japan for only $800! DO YOU FUCKERS KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO TRAVEL ALL THE WAY TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD FOR THAT CHEAP.

It’s commercial air flight, but that’s not so bad when you CAN ACTUALLY TRAVEL WITHOUT GOING INTO DEBT. HALLELUJA.

So i reccomend this site for all!



Anonymous asked: Anya, could you please recommend us some scary stories?


i will give u scary sites which contain scary stories and other scary things as well bc i am bad at remembering what good stories i read

r/nosleep (original horror stories, some real, some realistic fiction; i know its reddit but theres actually some really good shit here AND u can toggle trigger warnings so u dont accidentally read something triggering!!)

r/letsnotmeet (real stories about creepy encounters with stalkers; this scared the shit out of me and i only read like one story tbh) 

normal porn for normal people (this is a pretty standard creepypasta, but i like it anyway. nsfw, obviously, and trigger warning for gore, violence, and animal abuse)

saya in underworld (all sorts of japanese horror tales, urban legends, and stuff taken from 2ch; saya only updates sporadically so theres not really a consistent stream of content, but if u are willing to go through all the old stuff, its so worth it) 

abandoned by disney (REALLY good on the suspense and pretty great up until the ending, where it gets pretty cheesy. still worth the read, in my opinion. trigger warning for gore.) 

candle cove (very, very classic, and if u havent read it u definitely should. the site i linked to was provided by the creepypasta wiki, so its fine, but i will warn u that there is a potential jump scare at the end in the form of a static gif. theres no sounds or scary images, just the static gif.) 

annie96 is typing… (i just discovered this yesterday, its short but DAMN is it good)

cry reads (a selection of really amazingly written stories, read by cryaotic. if you dont want to listen to his readings of the stories, or if you would like to read along as he reads, he provides links in the description to the stories. check them out!!) 

marble hornets (most ppl already know about mh but in my opinion its the best series to come from the slender man mythos) 

noend house (another classic. no trigger warnings from what i can remember.) 

psychosis (its not really “scary”, per se, but the suspense is built up so well that it really gets ur heart racing. no trigger warnings from what i remember.)

last of the sparks (great suspense, great writing, just amazing as hell. no trigger warnings from what i can remember.)

thats all i can think of for now, but i definitely have more things. i thought about linking to the paranormal board on 4chan because occasionally there are some really good stories, but most of the time its just garbage, so i didnt bother. if you want to check it out anyway, just google “/x/” and itll be one of the first results.



If you don’t know about the lazy camper trick, you’re missing out on major Bells. It’s a bit time consuming but super easy! Check it out here.

signal boosting for the lovelies who haven’t yet discovered this

Anonymous asked: The last chapters of Oyasumi Punpun: I do not understand a single thing.


ill tell u what happened but under the cut tho bc spoilers

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How to Job Hunt as a 20-Something in 2013.



I wanted to share some knowledge I picked up during 8 months spent unemployed. This is a conglomerate from personal experience, trial and error, and input from other friends who have been through the same.

This is really long, and I hope none of it is really painfully obvious, but I hope it helps somebody out.

Read on for tips on resumes, applying, interviewing, and following up! 

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Top 10 Storytelling Cliches Writers Need To Stop Using



1. Characters describing themselves in mirrors
2. Broadcasting an upcoming plot twist
3. Blaming bad behavior on bad parenting
4. Too many inside jokes/references
5. The chosen one
6. Countdown clocks
7. Veiling your message in a dream
8. Using sex as wish fulfillment
9. Magical Negroes and Noble Savages
10. Knocking characters unconscious for plot convenience

Follow the link to find out why you shouldn’t use them.

This is a good list. Here are some ideas on what to do instead.

  1. Describe your character’s appearance by how they feel about it. People have complicated relationships with their appearance and even what they wear. Don’t let the chance to explore your character slip away by neglecting that!
  2. Don’t broadcast - foreshadow. People broadcast plot twists because they think it’ll keep the reader’s attention. Hinting at what’s to come instead, with in-story clues or even just a general sense of foreboding, is a great way to keep your readers hooked.
  3. Explore the parents, don’t blame them. Your bad guy’s parents are just as much characters as anyone else in the story, even if they’re not actually there. If the villain blames his parents, why? Are they just trying to throw blame off themselves?
  4. Make your jokes accessible. A little reference here and there isn’t going to hurt anybody, but the more readers that can understand it, the more they’ll be able to enjoy it. This runs the risk of explaining the joke, but it can be done!
  5. The wrongly chosen one. The chosen one trope is never going to go away. All the more reason to screw with it as much as possible. Maybe they’re not the chosen one after all, but the sidekick. Maybe they were wrongly chosen, intentionally or not. Mix it up!
  6. Use time to your best advantage. The last second countdown is a trope that only works in certain mediums, and even then, sparingly. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to
  7. Don’t discard the use of dreams, but do tread carefully. Probably one of my favorite uses of dreams was a very brief mention of them in a webvlog horror series. The characters had no idea how relevant the dream was, but the viewers did, and that’s what made it effective. Dreams can be used right, but you have to make it work!
  8. Use as much sex as you goddamn want, as long as it’s plot relevant. People like to write sex. People like to read sex! If your genre of choice is romance or erotic lit, there’s going to be a lot of sex. There’s gonna be sex in other genres too, because, hey, it happens. One difficulty with it is that too few writers use it to advance the plot, but sex can easily used to show something about the characters. If you are working on some sex scenes, consider the plot and character development that might come from it.
  9. Don’t be a goddamn asshole and treat all your characters as people. Sorry, I’m pretty tired of these goddamn tropes. They’re lazy and racist and yes, so-called ‘positive stereotypes’ are racist. Your characters are people. You’re a good enough writer to write them as people. Don’t let other lazy writing tell you otherwise.
  10. Find other ways to take your character out of the action. There are plenty of reasons to take a character out of the action for suspense and plot necessity, but often times it turns into Because The Plot Says So. If you have such a scene, look at it carefully. Outline out alternatives; they might even be better than the original plan. Like the original post says, a blow to the head is going to cause a medical emergency, not a quick blackout. Don’t fall into this shortcut, because it’s just more lazy writing!

-Agent Black


More pose references! (hands & face) :>
Part 1 is here.

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